Hosting a Roundtable

The project will work with three local partners (community, media and education) in each locale to determine the right topic to address in the roundtable. The project will ask the local partners to help recruit a diverse mix of community members who want to know whats going on in their communities and engage in positive discussion around the issues to participate. Participants will work through what they know, how they know it, what information they still seek and how their information consumption has impacted their perception of, and engagement with, the issue. The roundtable will help facilitate participants to establish a common set of facts surrounding the issue, laying the groundwork for that issue to be addressed by a better-informed, engaged and united community. Following the roundtables, news literacy ambassadors will share the tools introduced at the roundtable with other groups and keep the discussion alive with the support of the project. 

For more information about hosting a roundtable, contact Project Director Clair Lorell at or 571-366-1152.