The Learning Newsroom

ASNE Craft Development Committee 2003


The Local News Toolkit

ASNE Readership Issues Committee 2001


The Local News Handbook

ASNE Readership Issues Committee 1999

Searching for Consensus

Former ASNE executive director Lee Stinnett accepts the Gerald M. Sass Distinguished Service to Journalism and Mass Communication Award and presents the  results of a survey of journalism educators and newspaper editors.
Lee Stinnett 2003

Examining Our Credibility:
Perspectives of the Public and the Press

This ground-breaking national survey, undertaken as part of the Journalism Credibility Project, helps editors better understand the fault lines in journalism credibility. In addition to the public's opinion, the study asked newspaper journalists what they thought. Though there are many similarities, the differences are telling. A must-read for any editor.
Christine D. Urban, President, Urban & Associates 1999

Leveraging Newspaper Assets

How Americans use the media - TV, radio, magazines, Web, as well as newspapers - is the subject of this major study. Strengths and weaknesses of newspapers in the mix are examined, along with recommendations on how to play to the strengths. Includes data on how often newspapers are used, what is read, what is considered useful, as well as what opportunities exist for newspapers to fill readers' information needs.
Clark, Martire & Bartolomeo, Inc. 1998

@ Small Newspapers

Not every journalist aspires to work at a large metro. In this short booklet, journalists from around the country explain why they're happy to work at small newspapers. Journalists ranging from photographers to managing editors discuss the thrill of getting the story and the importance of small-town newspapers to their communities.
ASNE Small Newspapers Committee 1997

The Newspaper Journalists of the '90s

This comprehensive survey of newsroom attitudes, demographics and values explores what journalists think of their jobs, their bosses and the future of the craft. Based on a representative sample of employees at daily newspapers, the study finds strong positive attitudes, but not as widely held as in a similar study eight years earlier.
Paul S. Voakes 1997

Writing and Reading Today

The relationship between the language journalists use and newspaper reading is explored in this 28-page booklet. How are the best-retained leads written? Which forms of story-telling are the most and least comprehensible? Thinking about the mechanics of writing could go a long way to increasing readership, the authors say.
ASNE Literacy Committee 1997