Legal Hotline

What is the ASNE Legal Hotline? 

The popularity of the Coffee with Your Counsel sessions at the recent ASNE-APME conferences were a strong indication that news leaders have legal questions on a regular basis. Because it's important we provide answers to our members in an easy, timely manner, we decided to launch the ASNE Legal Hotline, a virtual Coffee with Your Counsel. Made possible by generous grants from the Charles Koch Foundation and the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation, this legal service is a permanent benefit of ASNE membership. Read this story by the Koch Foundation to learn more about the hotline and Goldberg's work. 

How does it work?

ASNE members can run their legal questions by ASNE Legal Counsel Kevin Goldberg by emailing with the subject line "ASNE Legal Hotline." Goldberg will respond, and both the question and answer will be posted on this page. Those who don't want their question made public can contact Goldberg directly at or 703-812-0462. Members can also join the member-only Facebook group and get conversations going. 

Please note

There will be some limits to the hotline. Goldberg will do his best to explain the legal issues surrounding each question, but he is not an expert in the specific laws of every state, nor is he licensed to practice in every state. Thus, any discussions members have with Goldberg through the hotline are not to be construed or taken as "legal advice" and are not to be used as a substitute for obtaining their own legal counsel.