James Bettinger

James Asher

Organization: Knight Fellowship/Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Title: Director

Hometown: Grew up in Belmont, a San Francisco suburb. Now in Palo Alto, CA

First paying job: Jurupa correspondent for Riverside Press-Enterprise, which listed my home phone in its Yellow Pages heading.

Mentor or role model: Editors Norman Cherniss & Mel Opotowsky; Knight Fellowship directors Lyle Nelson and Jim Risser

If I weren't an editor I'd be: An FM disk jockey

To unwind I:  Listen to music — rock, pop, folk, country, Latin, classical

Favorite book, TV show or movie: (Book) "All The King's Men," (TV Show) "Saving Grace," (Movie) "High Fidelity."

What music I am listening to: Just got a new turntable, re-aquainting myself with vintage vinyl — Baez, Dylan, Stones, Beatles, Airplane, Dead.