Howard Finberg

Howard Finberg

Organization: The Poynter Institute

Title: Director, Interactive Learning. Actually, that means that I'm responsible for Poynter's e-learning project -- News University.

Education: I received my journalism degree at San Francisco State University. I received my journalism education during the strike and campus disruptions during the late '60s around the San Francisco Bay Area.

First paying job: Campus stringer for the San Francisco Examiner; first real job, KCBS radio (overnight shift watching the wires, calling cop shops, doing clerk work); first real job: copy editor, San Francisco Examiner

Best part of your job: Helping lots of people around the world get journalism training; building new training modules

Worst part of your job: Not being able to run fast enough to accomplish all of our big ideas and dreams

Mentor or role model: Two: John Oppedahl, former editor/publisher @ Arizona Republic; Rick Cox, former VP, Arizona Republic

Favorite apps: IMDB

If I weren't an editor I'd be: A history teacher

Goal for this year: Launch our new training project called Journalism 101

To unwind I … Star Trek fest

When I am stressed I eat: Yes. When I'm stressed, I eat sweets. But my favorite foods are Indian.

Favorite book, TV show or movie: It always depends on the moment.

What music I am listening to: Lately: Leonard Cohen. Always: Van Morrison