ASNE welcomes 40 new members

The new members represent a broad cross section of news leaders, including editors-in-chief and managing editors, deans, executive producers and editorial content managers.

RESTON, Va. -- The ASNE Board of Directors has approved membership applications from 40 individuals so far in the 2010 calendar year.

The new members represent a broad cross section of news leaders, including editors-in-chief and managing editors, deans, executive producers and editorial content managers.

In April 2009, ASNE amended its bylaws to extend membership eligibility to all news leaders regardless of publishing platform or schedule. Under the revised bylaws, editors of online-only and non-daily news organizations are eligible to apply for membership, as well as leaders in journalism education, including deans, directors and endowed chairs. Many of the new members are from these expanded categories.

The new members are as follows: 

  1. Douglas A. Anderson, dean, Pennsylvania State University, University Park
  2. Peter Baniak, editor and vice president, Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader
  3. Stephen Buckley, dean, The Poynter Institute, St. Petersburg, Fla.
  4. Tim Burke, publisher/executive editor, The Palm Beach Post, West Palm Beach, Fla.
  5. Christopher Callahan, dean, Arizona State University, Phoenix
  6. Shirley Carswell, deputy managing editor, The Washington Post
  7. Tracy Dahlby, director, University of Texas, Austin
  8. John Daniszewski, senior managing editor for international news and photos, The Associated Press, New York
  9. Phillip Dixon, chair, Howard University, Washington
  10. Jean Folkerts, dean, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  11. Tim Gleason, dean, University of Oregon, Eugene
  12. James Gutzmer, managing editor, Southwest Daily Times, Liberal, Texas
  13. John Maxwell Hamilton, dean, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
  14. Bradley Jay Hamm, dean and professor, Indiana University School of Journalism, Bloomington
  15. Barry Katz, editorial content manager, C-SPAN, Washington
  16. Kevin Klose, dean and professor, Philip Merrill College of Journalism, College Park, Md.
  17. Maricarrol Kueter, executive editor, Argus Leader, Sioux Falls, S.D.
  18. Peggy Kuhr, dean, School of Journalism, The University of Montana, Missoula
  19. Mike Leary, managing editor, Philadelphia Inquirer
  20. Stuart Leavenworth, editorial page editor, The Sacramento (Calif.) Bee
  21. Jeff Light, vice president and editor, News/Content, The San Diego Union-Tribune, LLC
  22. Jon Losness, editor, Kenosha (Wis.) News
  23. Richard Maas, managing editor, The Tampa (Fla.) Tribune
  24. Keith Magill, executive editor, The Courier and Daily Comet, Houma, La.
  25. Lyle Muller, editor, The Gazette, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  26. Tom Negrete, managing editor/production, The Sacramento (Calif.) Bee
  27. Larry Parnass, editor, Daily Hampshire Gazette, Northampton, Mass.
  28. Geneva Overholser, director, USC Annenberg School of Journalism Los Angeles, Calif.
  29. Brian E. Richardson, head, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va.
  30. Rene Sanchez, senior managing editor, The Star Tribune
  31. Bob Satnan, editor, The Sedalia (Mo.) Democrat
  32. Howard Schneider, dean, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, N.Y.
  33. Jeff Selingo, editor, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Washington
  34. Adam Sharp, executive producer, digital services, C-SPAN, Washington
  35. Stephen G. Smith, executive editor, The Washington Examiner
  36. Elizabeth Sullivan, editorial page editor, The Plain Dealer
  37. Bob Steele, professor of journalism, De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind.
  38. Rusty Turner, editor, The Morning News, Springdale, Ark.
  39. Judy VanSlyke Turk, director, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond
  40. Mike Wilson, managing editor/Enterprise, St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times

In addition, membership applications received recently from several other news leaders will be reviewed soon by the ASNE Board.

The American Society of News Editors is a membership organization for leaders of multimedia news organizations and deans and endowed chairs at accredited journalism schools. ASNE focuses on open government and the First Amendment, journalism education, leadership and diversity.