ASNE survey needs your input NOW!

ASNE is getting ready to release our annual diversity survey but we need your help.
Last year, our response rate was very low. One reason was that many of the people we reached out to had either left the business or had moved to another position or organization. In an effort to reach as many organizations as possible, we are asking that you send us a list of all the people at your properties that are most qualified to fill out this year's survey.
We hope we can count on you to encourage your organization to participate this year. PLEASE help us as we try to provide an accurate measure of the diverse population of journalists working in the industry today.
There is some urgency for this information. We want to send out the survey no later than mid-March. Please provide the requested information by Monday, March 11. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.
We need the following contact information at each property: name, organization, title, email and phone number.

Thank you,

Teri Hayt
ASNE Executive Director