Hello from Teri Hayt, ASNE's new executive director

Teri Hayt, ASNE's new executive director, is finally here in the ASNE office. Her first day was Monday, March 2. She succeeds Arnie Robbins who is now senior adviser to ASNE. 
It's my first week on the job, and the welcome here at the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism has been very warm. I wish I could say the same for the weather.  I fear the Ohio winter followed me and hope the staff here won't hold it against me.

The ASNE staff under Arnie Robbins' stewardship is highly organized and focused, and they are patient with my endless questions. I have a long checklist of items to deal with in the first couple of weeks and am crossing off a number of items every day:

  • Keys - check!
  • Email - check!
  • Voicemail - check!
  • Parking - check!
  • Printing privileges - check, well sort of.

I keep reminding myself this is only day three on the job and I don't have to have all the answers and strategic planning by the end of the week. The transition from a newsroom and its constant deadline pressure is my biggest challenge so far. I'm "not in Kansas anymore," and there is time to catch your breath and talk about the big picture rather than rushing from one deadline or meeting to another.

I'm thrilled to be here and will be even happier when my furniture is no longer held hostage by the Ohio weather.