Meet Tribune Content Agency, an ASNE-APME 2014 sponsor

As the ASNE-APME conference in Chicago is approaching quickly, we'd like to continue our introductions to some of our generous sponsors. Meet Tribune Content Agency!

As the ASNE-APME conference in Chicago is approaching quickly, we'd like to continue our introductions to some of our generous sponsors. Meet Tribune Content Agency!


Who is Tribune Content Agency? 

Captivating stories. Innovative solutions. 

Tribune Content Agency is a premier provider of quality content services, combining a vast collection of the world's best sources and a rich tradition of journalistic excellence, premium content, licensing and rights management. With 1,200 media clients and digital information entities worldwide, Tribune Content Agency engages millions of readers in 75 countries every day.

Tribune News Service, formerly known as MCT News and Information Services, is our flagship product. Delivering 250 stories, photos, graphics and Illustrations every day, Tribune News Service provides access to the journalism of more than 70 leading news companies, including Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Dallas Morning News and Philadelphia Inquirer.

Tribune Premium Content is our syndication service. We represent and syndicate leading columnists such as Arianna Huffington, Mitch Albom, Clarence Page, Cal Thomas, Mario Batali, Rick Steves, Henry Kissinger,Kiplinger Finance and Variety Entertainment. Tribune Content Agency's games include Jumble, and among its puzzles are eight different crosswords.

TCA SmartContent (formerly MCT SmartContent) collects information from hundreds of sources including internationally celebrated newspapers, wire services and magazines, as well as industry- and topic-specific blogs. This intelligent content service enhances and filters hundreds of thousands of articles to deliver customized feeds tailored to exact specific information needs.

Media on Demand (MoD) is a plug-and-play system that enables newspapers to
streamline resources in editing, design and production. MoD generates fully edited
newspaper modules for a dozen content areas -- national, foreign, sports, business,
food, travel, home, health, entertainment, fashion, relationships and finance. 


Tribune Content Agency partners with all types of publishers by providing content for virtually any audience, using more than 150 products, including a daily global News Service and Premium Content syndication business. We trace our beginnings to 1918 when the Chicago Tribune Newspapers Syndicate was formed. We've gone by other names over the years, including the Chicago Tribune-New York News Syndicate and Tribune Media Services. We became Tribune Content Agency in 2013. In 2014, we absorbed the MCT News Service.