Help the Sunshine in Government Initiative advance open government

Write an email encouraging a governent agency to use the new FOIA Online site.
The Sunshine in Government Initiative has requested that ASNE ask its members to devote just five minutes to a project designed to move open government forward.

As this SGI blog post explains in more detail, certain agencies within the federal government are using a new FOIA Online website that was created through the joint efforts of the Office of Government Information Services, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Commerce. The site serves as a portal that will make it easier to request, track and receive documents through the federal FOIA.

We think it holds a lot of potential for reporters seeking information from the federal government, but as of now only six government agencies are participating. We're hoping that shedding a little sunlight on the issue will increase the use of the FOIA portal. To that end, SGI is hoping that ASNE members can assist in this effort by choosing one of the government agencies listed here, calling the agency via the contact number provided and asking three simple questions:
  1. Is the agency familiar with FOIA Online?
  2. If so, is the agency committed to being on FOIA online within the next year?
  3. What factors contributed to the agency's decision?  
All you have to do after that is send the answers you receive to Thank you for your help!