One-on-one feedback

ASNE members, sign up today to receive friendly feedback on your news product at the April convention.


Deadline extended to March 23

As an ASNE member you may sign up to receive free and friendly feedback about your news product – whatever the platform – during a conversation with a peer at the ASNE Convention in San Diego, April 6-9.

Here's your chance to have a constructive, creative conversation.

All you need to do is contact ASNE convention committee member J. Ford Huffman by Saturday, March 5:

___ Yes, I'd like my newspaper and/or site (your choice) to be evaluated by a peer.


___ Yes, I'm available to evaluate a member's newspaper and/or website.

Huffman will match requesting editors with reviewing editors.

By Saturday, March 12, the requesting editor should provide the appropriate material — Web links and/or mail a Sunday, Monday and Friday newspaper — to the reviewing editor assigned by Huffman.

On Thursday, April 7, from 5 p.m.-6 p.m., time is set aside at the convention for confidential discussions.

Here's what's in it for you

  • The opportunity to learn by hearing valuable assessments from an ASNE peer.
  • The opportunity to learn by presenting a thoughtful evaluation of a peer's work.
  • The opportunity to learn by spending individual time with another member in a professional discussion, one that might even foster future exchanges.