Compelling video storytelling

For the ASNE webinar "Compelling video storytelling."

Thea Breite is the Senior Multimedia Editor/Video for the Boston Globe. She supervises the video team responsible for winning 4 regional Emmy awards and recently nominated for a national Emmy for a series of videos on Ted Kennedy.

She has been at The Boston Globe since 2002, working as a photo editor for the metro and business sections, and since 2006 as a multimedia editor.

Before the Globe, she was at the Providence Journal for 10 years as a photo editor, director of photography and AME/Visuals and before that was a photo assignment editor at the Orange County Register.

News organizations are looking to video to attract and engage web audiences. But, how do you use your staff talents to make compelling video your audience wants to watch?

Thea Breite, will lead the discussion.

During this seminar, you will learn:

  • The ingredients of strong web video: Visuals, audio, storytelling and editing.
  • How to find the people in the newsroom who have skills that convert to great video storytelling.
  • What senior editors can do to support video.
  • How to tell what your audience watches and when they stop watching.

Video examples from The Boston Globe

Long-term documentary video
One of a series of 7 videos that won a regional Emmy award and was nominate for a National Emmy Award.
More information available here

Short form feature (take note of natural sound)
Joyfully carving figurines in his Leominster basement, Louis Charpentier shows how good 99 can be. By Dina Rudick and Ann Silvio
More information available here

Essay-like experiential
Longfellow Bridge rehab a special challenge. Video and photography by David L. Ryan and Yoon S. Byun; Produced by Yoon S. Byun / Globe Staff
More information available here

Handout video
A secretly recorded videotape of a meeting between City Councilor Chuck Turner and businessman Ronald Wilburn that allegedly shows Wilburn slipping Turner a bribe is at the heart of the federal corruption case against Turner.
More information available here

Reporter flip video
Terry Jones went to Newton-Wellesley Hospital Wednesday night looking for his daughter, Terrese Edmonds. Edmonds, 24, was trapped in her train after it slammed into another trolley . He found out later she died.(Ralph Ranalli, Globe Staff)
More information available here

Collaboration with graphic artists

Running the numbers on the Boston Marathon

Watch as MIT math major Keone Hon uses some creative math (and very long Fermi equations) to figure out unknowable facts about the Boston Marathon. By Dina Rudick/Globe Staff
More information available here

Additional Boston Globe videos

As counselors struggle to help, one boy finds summer full of suffering. Produced by Scott LaPierre and Kayana Szymczak
More information available here

'Friends' producer teaches an unconventional video class. (By Dina Rudick, Globe Staff)
More information available here

Sheila McKenna, 69, is still having the time of her life on the basketball court. (By Bill Greene, Globe Staff)
More information available here

Reporter-shot Flip

Woman finds faith in iron Jesus (Boston Globe) Mary Jo Coady of Methuen talks about finding an image that looks like Jesus Christ on her iron, and how it has impacted her outlook on life. (Video by Eric Moskowitz, Globe Staff, produced by Jason Tuohey, Globe Staff) Views: 46,166
More information available here

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