Advertisers, teens connect via print High School National Ad Network

Aug. 24, 2006

RESTON, Va. – The High School National Ad Network has launched, providing advertisers with an effective, easy and reliable way to engage teens – via their school newspapers.

Aug. 24, 2006

RESTON, Va. – The High School National Ad Network has launched, providing advertisers with an effective, easy and reliable way to engage teens – via their school newspapers.

“Teens pay attention to every word and image when their newspaper is written by and about them. The Ad Network enables advertisers to place their messages directly into the hands of teens,” said Diana Mitsu Klos, senior project director.

“Every student newspaper in the Ad Network is relevant, local and authentic. The content connects peers during the school day. And, student newspapers have a greater impact than teen publications that are put together by people twice their age,” Klos said.

This initiative springs from the ground-breaking work in high school journalism conducted by the American Society of Newspaper Editors, a non-profit professional association.

By booking easily via, advertisers can reach more than a half-million teens through more than 325 top-quality high school newspapers in 45 states. More student newspapers are under review by the Ad Network and added weekly.

Student-produced newspapers create a sense of community and are eagerly welcomed in the classroom, cafeteria and study hall. The newspaper contributes to academic excellence by encouraging literacy and good citizenship skills. Simply put, student newspapers are part of a school's curriculum and lifeblood, not an intrusion. And as the student newspapers create a stronger online presence, the Ad Network will work with them in the future to secure online advertising.

The Ad Network's rate card is highly competitive and delivers a coveted and increasingly fragmented audience. School newspapers embrace this initiative because 75 percent of every ad dollar goes back to support them.

“The Ad Network helps advertisers grow ROI and brand loyalty and student newspapers move toward financial independence while gaining business-side skills,” Klos said. “We have expertise, deep ties and insight that others simply can't match. We are not in this for ourselves; we are focused on helping everyone win.”

The Ad Network makes it easy to capture this lucrative audience:

  • Student newspapers are pre-screened for quality.
  • School demographics can be targeted by state, race, gender and ZIP code.
  • Run dates and ad size (full, horizontal-half or quarter page) are set by the advertiser.
  • Ads can run in all, most or even just a few papers at a time.
  • Any budget can be met and rates are uniform. The projected price is tabulated as an ad is built and can be easily amended.
  • Ads are uploaded efficiently to as black and white PDFs.
  • Toll-free telephone and e-mail support is available.

The Ad Network follows through every step of the way:

  • Schools are alerted by the Ad Network when an ad is ready to download and run within a specific time frame.
  • The Ad Network collects and inspects tearsheets from every school that runs the ad and reviews them for quality. Tearsheets that pass inspection are forwarded to the advertiser with a single invoice.
  • When the Ad Network receives payment, it in turn pays each school newspaper that successfully ran the ad.

About the ASNE High School Journalism Initiative

ASNE helps scholastic journalism grow where it does not exist and flourish where it does. Its goals are to encourage a diverse generation of young people to pursue media careers and impart a deeper appreciation of the First Amendment among all teens. In addition to the Ad Network, the Initiative has five other projects: the educational site, online hosting for school newspapers at, the best available summer training for high school journalism teachers, a wire service and a partnership program that connects high schools and daily newspapers.

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