ASNE launches virtual convention

ASNE President Charlotte Hall announces a series of webinars as virtual convention convention sessions. The text and video is included.

2008-09 ASNE President Charlotte H. Hall

Greetings, ASNE members.

We are all in a fight for the future of journalism, and ASNE is here to help you. When we cancelled our convention this year, we pledged to bring you the best, most helpful programming in a digital format.

Now, I'm pleased to announce a series of hour-long, online seminars developed by ASNE. Think of it as a kind of virtual convention spread over time. You can participate at your desktop—and because you are an ASNE member, the sessions are free.

Starting later this month, you can take part in ASNE webinars that will help you build and monetize your digital audience and run your print paper. You will get practical tips about creating digital content, sharing with other papers, managing user comments, running the continuous digital newsroom, live blogging, mobile delivery, and, of course, using Twitter.

The webinars will be useful to all news organizations — big, small and in between.

To see the schedule and register, just go to and click on the webinar link. Spots are limited so please sign up today. And remember it's all free to ASNE members. And stay tuned, more is on the way.

See you online!

-- Charlotte H. Hall
ASNE President