Poem by Adina Cassal in support of Capital Gazette, journalists

The following poem was written and provided by Adina Cassal to support journalists, including those at the Capital Gazette, who managed to produce their newspaper even after the tragic shooting on June 28, 2018. 

For the brave men and women
who risk their lives
to save our way of life and democracy
who work long days and longer nights,
who fear danger, face fear and keep going
who go to wars, natural disasters,
violence and tragedies
who respond to every call in minutes,
always ready to give their best
whose families wait at home,
wondering and worried,
who hold the very essence of a free nation
in their hands and fingers
armed with courage and conviction
and with pen and paper
and who write with no expectation
of being praised or paraded:
There are days and parades
for government and soldiers,
for mothers, fathers and lovers,
for religious worship and change of seasons,
may there be a day of thanks
for the hard working, brave and honest