Sign new petition to fight imported newsprint tariff

We have provided updates throughout the spring (herehere and here) on the proceedings before the Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission regarding the alleged dumping of uncoated groundwood paper used in newsprint and the request made by a single US-based paper mill (NORPAC) for imposition of duties on these materials crossing the border. 

There has been a flurry of activity, including:
  • Preliminary determinations from the Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission agreeing that such duties are warranted. 
  • Introduction of the PRINT Act, which will suspend the collection of those duties pending a required study by the Department of Commerce of this issue. 
  • A Congressional “fly-in” organized by the News Media Alliance on June 13-14 to discuss this issue with members of Congress. 
  • Publication of some fantastic articles, editorials and op-eds explaining the impact this will have on the newspaper and publishing and printing industries (including one from Paul Tash with the decidedly not great warning that these duties will directly lead to the loss of jobs at the Tampa Bay Times). 
  • The scheduling of a hearing before the International Trade Commission for July 17.
We are trying to keep the heat on the International Trade Commission as we enter summer and hear that hearing. In addition to writing about this in your papers, there's now another, relatively simple, way in which you can lend your own, individual voice to this fight: a petition to International Trade Commission Chairman Rhonda K. Schmidtlein explaining the real-life impact the imposition of these duties will have on these industries.

You can read the petition here
, just below the signature section. Please consider signing and encouraging others to sign. The more signatures we can get, the stronger the signal to Chairman Schmidtlein that the public at large oppose these duties.