Participate in 2018 ASNE diversity survey

Data collection is underway for the 2018 ASNE Newsroom Employment Diversity Survey, and we need your participation to accurately measure the status of diversity in staffing in U.S. newsrooms. As ASNE President Alfredo Carbajal stated in his columnthere is urgency to diversify our newsrooms and news reports to maintain credibility and properly represent all segments of society. We've made some progress as indicated by the results of our previous surveys, but we're still working to bridge the gap between the size of minority journalists in U.S. newsrooms and in the general population. Also, a new paper by Farai Chideya, spring 2017 Joan Shorenstein Fellow, which reviews the current state of racial and gender diversity in U.S. newsrooms and its implications for coverage, further highlights the importance of newsroom racial and gender parity.

If your newsroom has not received a link to the survey, then please reach out to our researcher Meredith Clark, assistant professor of the University of Virginia's Department of Media Studies, at as soon as possible. For general questions about the survey, email