Plan your trip NOW to ASNE-APME conference

Have you registered for the ASNE-APME News Leadership Conference Sept. 11-12 in Austin, Texas? Have you booked your hotel room? Don't wait until the last minute. Plan now to join us this fall at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center! 

For two full days, we'll cover the latest innovations in content and technology, leadership strategies, new business models and more to help you lead your newsroom. 
Take a look at our conference schedule, and register and book your hotel room now.
Things you don't want to miss:
1. The Tool Shed
What are the key technological tools that you can implement to make your newsroom more effective and efficient? Are you using the right ones? ASNE and APME have whittled down the list of competing companies and have invited the best ones to Austin to explain why other newsrooms have hired them and why you should, too. Editors will have the opportunity to ask questions about the product. You will leave with a far greater understanding of how technology can make you a better editor. Confirmed companies: Chartbeat, Dataminr, and Trint
2. Using Opinions to Reach Young People
How can your opinion journalism bridge the gap between potential college-age audience members' political activism and their lack of knowledge and access to high-quality information? How do you cut through the noise and provide the structure and reliability young people seek with the goal of fostering a vibrant democracy and a more unified civic, and civil, life? This generation has had less civic education than previous generations, especially in K-12. It has been eliminated from school curricula across the country. A recent Knight Foundation/Gallup study said that more than 60 percent of college students show strong support for the First Amendment. However, some say that diversity and inclusion are more important to a democracy than free speech.
3. What Do I Need to Know?
It is impossible to keep up with all the latest developments in an industry that is constantly evolving so we will do it for you. You will learn the latest in everything from visual storytelling breakthroughs to new business models. What does it do? How much does it cost? How do I use it to tell stories in a newsroom my size? You will leave with recommendations on where you should invest your resources. We will update you on the state of video and podcasts and report back on the new startup moves in journalism, fueled by Spirited Media and The Athletic. Confirmed speaker: Jeremy Gilbert, director of strategic initiatives, The Washington Post