Get ready for journalism bonanza in Austin this fall

Join us Sept. 11-12 at the ASNE-APME News Leadership Conference in Austin, Texas, where you will be inundated with tips and advice on how to lead your newsroom in 2018 and going forward. 

For two full days at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center, the conference will cover the latest innovations in content and technology, leadership strategies, new business models and more. Register and book your hotel room now!
Some highlights of our sessions and speakers you don't want to miss:

Big J Track: Should You Turn Off Comments: Turning off comments had become a trend, almost a point for pride, in recent years for editors fed up with the level of nastiness on their articles. But in the past year, as subscriptions became a more important part of the revenue stream, publishers found some interesting data. It turns out subscribers are far more likely to comment on articles or read the comments themselves, making them a critical selling and retention tool. And then a new open-source commenting system, funded by Knight Foundation, was released, which decreases costs for publishers and improves moderation. So where does that leave us now? We will walk through the latest thinking with nationally renowned researcher Talia Stroud of the Center of Media Engagement at The University of Texas at Austin.
Innovation Track: Measuring SuccessPublishers are creating their own analytics, combining proprietary data with Omniture and Chartbeat, to better match the goals of their newsrooms. These new scores do a much better job of judging the work of reporters and editors in the age of subscribers. How do you develop proprietary analytics that help your newsroom succeed in its mission? Confirmed speaker: Tom Rosenstiel, executive director of the American Press Institute.
Big J Track: Editing the Archives: One of the most sacred beliefs for news organizations is that we do not take down published articles or photos, barring a court ruling. But editors are having to balance that belief with the knowledge that even the most trivial crime brief, although factually correct, can have a devastating effect on someone's life 10 years later. Editors are fielding an increasing number of appeals from the subjects of these stories that argue these articles and photos be removed or in the case of articles, at least updated with the resolution to the case. What should you do? When should we order up more reporting and republish the piece?
Registration and hotel
The registration fee is $275 for members of ASNE and APME and $375 for nonmembers. A terrific group rate is available at the on-site hotel at the conference center for $219/night Sunday, Sept. 9, through Wednesday, Sept. 12.

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