ASNE Expert Series: Is Facebook leaving journalism?

"Facebook is done with journalism," journalist and media critic Frédéric Filloux wrote. "It will happen, slowly, gradually, but the trend is here."

Since Facebook announced it will tweak its News Feed to favor updates from friends and family over publishers' content, news organizations have struggled to grasp what the move means for journalism.

Is this a good thing? How does this change affect news publishers who have grown addicted to the promise of clicks, and what is the fallout from this potentially seismic change? What can publishers do to surface their own content and maintain traffic? * Mandy Jenkins (moderator), head of news, Storyful
* Kim Fox, managing editor, audience development, Philadelphia Media Network
* Daniel Scapusio, social media manager, The Palm Beach Post

When: Noon to 1 p.m. EST Monday, Jan. 29