ASNE Expert Series: Conversation with your counsel

Let's face it: Every newsroom could use a little more help when it comes to legal issues, such as newsgathering (including open records), defamation, invasion of privacy and more. ASNE is hosting a live discussion with its Legal Counsel Kevin Goldberg during which you can ask your legal questions without being billed! Think of this as an online version of the popular "Coffee with your counsel" session from the recent ASNE-APME conferences (in other words, Kevin will provide as much information as he can without giving actual legal advice). 
Make a list of your questions in advance and join us from noon to 12:45 p.m. EST Tuesday, Nov. 14. If you're unable to join this time, then consider submitting questions to the ASNE Legal Hotline for easy and prompt advice. Replay of the webinar will be available, as well. This webinar (expert series) is sponsored by the Charles Koch Foundation and the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation.

Watch here.