New Sunshine Week package available under embargo

ASNE members can now access the new package of content focused on government attempts to promote secrecy or hinder access to information. This is part of a Sunshine Week 2017 extension, produced by ASNE, AP and APME. 
Sunshine Week Logo
The package includes stories and their accompanying photos, as well as illustrations by Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman of The Sacramento Bee. If you are an ASNE member, then go to this page, log in to your ASNE account at the top, and click on "Sunshine Week 2017 extension" in the left column to download the content.

The entire package is embargoed for publication at 3:01 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 17, and thereafter. It is intended for use in Sunday print publications. Nonmembers can access the content after the embargo expires. 

The centerpiece is the Sunshine Hub that tracks state legislative attempts to alter the flow of public information. This includes bills that seek to make certain information off-limits to the public or harder to access.

The hub is accessible by anyone with an AP member account. ASNE members without an AP account can email Jiyoung Won at and ask for access. A webinar to explain how the hub works was held Aug. 31 and was recorded. You can access the recording here.