'First Principles' update from News Media for Open Government

Here is the May 8, 2017, "First Principles" update from the News Media for Open Government coalition. ASNE is one of the NMOG's 10 members, and the coalition's activities are closely intertwined with our own advocacy efforts. Read this installment of First Principles for a quick overview of some of the key issues ASNE and others are working on in areas involving press freedom and access to government information, as well as for learning how you can help do your part. Please contact ASNE Legal Counsel Kevin M. Goldberg at 703-812-0462 or if you have any questions.   
Things we're currently working on include: continued government pressure on leaks of information, including the focus on news media as the recipients of those disclosures in light of the Justice Department's apparent intention to go after Wikileaks; the Newseum's new First Amendment Report Card; and the expansion of the FOIA Portal, which should make it easier to get records through the federal Freedom of Information Act.