How ASNE opinion journalists are contributing

Take a look at how the professional opinion journalists who came to ASNE from the Association of Opinion Journalists are contributing to our mission! This opinion journalism page is where you will find the Masthead, a prime professional-educational journal with more than 50 years of history, as well as the discussion list, information on the State Department Briefing, archives and more. 
The newest Masthead 2017 articles:
  • Opinionizers' journal arrives
    • The Masthead resumes its half-century of service to the field at its new home on with several timely articles and images.

  • A resurgence in Kansas City
    • The Kansas City Star's new editorial page editor tells how the board gained members and got an updated and expanded mission to connect with readers and the public.

  • Saving the dying editorial role
    • One columnist's take on fallout from the election has him urging both retaining some fundamentals, dropping one that no longer works nationally, and more...

  • Headlines some would like to see
    • Annual tradition at some newspapers can be fun, help set an editorial agenda, provide material in slow, shorter-staffed holiday weeks. With visual examples.