ASNE revamps membership structure to focus on digital media, leaders at all levels

Columbia, Mo. (Oct. 4, 2016) -- The American Society of News Editors today announced significant changes to its membership structure to emphasize digital media and embrace newsroom leaders at all levels of U.S. news organizations.
Effective Nov. 1, membership tiers for editors and other top news executives will be based on monthly unique visitors (MUVs) of a member's website, determined by comScore. The changes announced today are the result of a strategic review conducted by ASNE's executive committee and were approved by the Board of Directors at its meeting in March.
The changes were made to reflect ASNE's aim to serve newsroom leaders across all content platforms, with a specific focus on leadership in digital journalism. The board also approved a reduced rate for news leaders who aren't in a top-two position at a news organization. This change is part of ASNE's renewed focus on cultivating and strengthening the next generation of top news executives.
This membership category also includes editorial page editors and opinion journalists as a result of ASNE's merger with the Association of Opinion Journalists. ASNE members endorsed the merger during the Sept. 13 business meeting at the ASNE-APME News Leadership Conference in Philadelphia. AOJ members will become members of ASNE effective Jan. 1
ASNE continues to offer individual membership rates and special packages for journalism schools, research institutions and retirees. Those membership tiers and rates remain unchanged. 
Here is the new membership structure, also available at

For more information about ASNE membership and to become a member, visit this page or contact ASNE Communications Coordinator Jiyoung Won at
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