Encourage Anderson Cooper, Martha Raddatz to ask about open government during Oct. 9 presidential debate

ASNE, the Society of Professional Journalists and are leading a campaign asking presidential debate moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz to include the following open government question during the Oct. 9 presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis:  

What steps do you believe are necessary, and what policies would you implement to guarantee and advance public access to government information and sources?
We ask that Cooper and Raddatz fulfill their roles as watchdogs by challenging each candidate to answer the question. We encourage ASNE members and the public to also persuade Cooper and Raddatz to ask the question by tweeting at them by clicking on the blue buttons on the OpenOurGov web page.

ASNE and helped formulate the question at the center of the campaign. The question is part of a larger effort by ASNE and to encourage journalists to ask transparency-related questions of all candidates for federal office