Help 1 for All promote Picture Freedom

Ken Paulson, president of the Newseum Institute's First Amendment Center, dean of the College of Mass Communication at Middle Tennessee State University and founder of 1 for All, encourages editors to help promote Picture Freedom, a nationwide contest to raise awareness of the First Amendment. 
During the past seven years, ASNE has been a driving force in 1 for All, an unprecedented campaign to build awareness and support for First Amendment freedoms. ASNE members have helped us promote scholarship contests, such as Free to Tweet, and interactive learning tools, such as the Great First Amendment Quiz and the First Amendment Challenge, which is an ongoing contest to promote innovative teaching of the First Amendment in classrooms across the country. 

Our 2015 media campaign is called Picture Freedom, a contest calling on students across the country to post photos and artwork on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that celebrate free expression. Sharing makes them eligible to win one of 25 $1,000 scholarships.

We ask that you help promote the campaign by writing about it, publishing our guest column or placing the campaign's house ads in print and/or online. Everything helps. You'll find everything you need at, including the downloadable ads, guest column and press release.

In the wake of the murders in Paris at Charlie Hebdo and the violent threats against the "The Interview," we thought this would be a particularly good time to remind young people that freedom of speech comes in many forms, including the visual.

The contest will run from Sunday, Feb. 22, to Saturday, Feb. 28, timed to coincide with
Scholastic Journalism Week, organized by the Journalism Education Association.

The Journalism Education Association, the John Seigenthaler Chair of Excellence in First Amendment Studies at Middle Tennessee State University, the Knight Foundation and the Newseum Institute's First Amendment Center are joining with ASNE in this important initiative.

Our goal is to leverage classrooms and newsrooms to give young Americans a fresh perspective on the First Amendment. Thanks for your help.