From Executive Director Arnie Robbins

Arnie Robbins, who became executive director of ASNE in 2012, is stepping down in February. He will remain as senior adviser to ASNE helping with fundraising, grants and 2015 convention planning.   
More than two years ago, I took on the challenge of turning ASNE around -- into a brave new world and a stable financial future. And I'm proud to say that with a terrific staff, wonderful board and some hard work, that it is on the right track. I also think that it is time for another person to bring their magic and even harder work to the position and organization. This, then, is my resignation letter.

The executive board of ASNE has known about this since the end of the 2014 convention but graciously allowed me to alert my staff about this decision after my return from vacation in Peru.

I don't plan on going away completely. I believe I can continue to help ASNE in 2015 by restructuring my duties and working part time as senior adviser to ASNE. I am convinced that ASNE is headed in the right direction, and I am gratified that I played a role in making that happen

ASNE President Chris Peck and the officers have agreed to this:

  • I will become senior adviser to ASNE. I will work part time and help ASNE with fundraising and grants, planning for the 2015 convention in Palo Alto  and strategic issues as needed.
  • I will continue as executive director until a replacement is on board, sometime in February.
  • I will provide advice and counsel and guidance for the new executive director through the 2015 convention.

More than two years ago, I decided to embark on an adventure with ASNE at the University of Missouri, two hours from my home. It HAS been an adventure. I wanted to give back to the industry that has meant so much to me over the years. I think I have.

And, of course, I wanted to leave ASNE in a better place for the future. I look forward to working with Chris and the ASNE staff in the weeks ahead to make this as seamless a transition as possible. We've already begun the search for a new executive director.

Here's to building an even stronger future for ASNE and for journalism!