Fast, quality on site photo editing

By Maggie Kenworthy 
Ball State University APME & ASNE Convention Team

Planning is key to high quality photography for any event, said photographers attending this year's Associated Press Photo Editors conference.                    

“Trust them [photographers] to do their job," said keynote speaker, Kii Sato, central region photo editor for the Associated Press. "They have to trust you to do yours.”

The discussion focused on preparing editors to move quickly when covering live events such as sporting events, politics, or even breaking news. 

Sato spoke about the importance of working as a team.

When working as a team, editors should play to a photographer's strength. Correct placement requires lots of preplanning, he said. Sato recommended that staff members show up to the location about three hours before the event is scheduled to begin.

Overall, on site photo editing means staff members maximize communication among one another, provide real time coverage of the event and give photographers maximum shooting time.

APPM has more panels planned this week on topics like social media/blogs and APPM manager's toolbox. Check your conference schedule for details.