RJI announces new non-residential fellowship

RJI fellows are no longer required to reside in Columbia, Mo.
Each year since 2008, the Reynolds Journalism Institute has recruited between four and six fellows to spend eight months delving into a big industry challenge or opportunity. All of those fellows came to the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo., to live and work full-time alongside professors, students and others. But this year, RJI is introducing something new.

Hoping to unlock some innovative ideas and products that might otherwise remain muffled inside news organizations large and small, RJI has created a new "non-residential" fellowship.

"It encourages creativity and cutting-edge thinking but doesn't require a moving van or a career interruption," said Randy Picht, executive director at RJI.

The deadline for fellowship applications is February 15, 2013. Applicants may apply for the traditional "residential" fellowships as well. For more information, click here.