Title V Update

Senate Intelligence Committee members seem rather intent on passing the Fiscal Year 2013 Intelligence Authorization Act (S 3454) that we emailed you about earlier this week. Furthermore, they are doing everything they can to retain some version of the controversial Title V that we specifically oppose. However, ASNE is hopeful that our Senatorial stalwarts against Title V will remain strong, as it appears Congress is still far from finalizing a bill which properly balances the need to protect classified information with the public's right to know.


While we have seen some attempts to change the language of Section 505 and 506, nothing at this point has lessened our concerns that these provisions will impose an unreasonable burden on newsgathering and reporting. So, while discussions continue both on and off the Hill as Title V is being drafted and redrafted, we ask you to keep the pressure on your Senators to simply oppose Title V of S 3454. If negotiations and redrafting continue, we'll certainly let you know if and when ASNE's position changes.


For more detail and regular reports on the status of S 3454, please contact Kevin M. Goldberg at or (703) 812-0462. He's happy to provide you any information you need regarding this issue.