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Editorial on intelligence bill


Get ready for Sunshine Week 2013

Update on proposed bill that threatens reporting on national defense issues

Earlier this week, ASNE and other member organizations of the Sunshine in Government Initiative began to hear rumblings that certain senators were interested in "hotlining" (securing passage via Unanimous Consent of all Senators, eliminating the need for any debate in the process) S 3454, the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013. S 3454 is the bill we summarized for you about six weeks ago. Its Title V contains two provisions (Sections 505 and 506) that would make it significantly harder for ASNE members to acquire and report important information relating to foreign affairs and national security issues.

RJI's free tablet symposium

The Reynolds Journalism Institute and Roger Fidler are putting together the fall 2012 Tablet Symposium (Pressing Ahead: Tablets, Mobile and News After Paper) Dec. 6-7 in Columbia, Mo.

RJI receives $30.1 million endowment gift

The University of Missouri has received a $30.1 million gift from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation to guarantee permanent funding for the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, the 4-year-old center devoted to innovation, collaboration and research in media industries, where ASNE makes its new home. See RJI's announcement on their website, or for information contact Brian Steffens, RJI director of communications at or 573-882-8251.