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Newsroom leaders resigned yet determined, ASNE-API survey shows

Editors around the country are frustrated by financial pressures, mandates beyond their control and constantly shifting goals. But they are determined to weather the storm, do good journalism and come out stronger on the other side, according to the results of a joint research survey released today by the American Press Institute and the American Society of News Editors.

August 9 webinar: 10 Ways to Shape a Stellar Digital Strategy

Meredith Artley, managing editor and vice president of CNN Digital and veteran digital leader at The Los Angeles Times, The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times, will talk about ideas and questions worth considering for organizations that are developing or modifying their digital strategy.

ASNE high school journalism training workshops in full swing

With the Arizona State and University of Texas at Austin conferences now just a happy memory, the 101 high school teachers participating in the three remaining ASNE High School Journalism Institutes are immersed in their own intensive two-week journalism curricula.

ASNE joins amicus in Anti-SLAPP case against Redskins owner

ASNE joined several other media organizations in an amicus brief filed this week by the American Civil Liberties Union because it will be the first test of the District’s Anti-SLAPP statute.

Court rejects media brief in Wall Street Journal-subpoena case

ASNE and 46 other media organizations filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit in Baker v. Goldman Sachs.

Public strongly backs news media as watchdog on government

Ken Paulson reports on the results of the 2011 State of the First Amendment survey at the National Press Club.

Agencies not meeting president's Sunshine Week, openness commitments

When Steve Croley, a special assistant to the president, announced on March 14 that federal agencies would proactively post directories on their websites, along with official congressional testimony and agency reports to Congress required by statute, we viewed it as a testament to the growing importance of Sunshine Week.

ASNE joins brief opposing subpoena issued to Wall Street Journal reporter

ASNE was one of 46 media groups supporting a Wall Street Journal reporter’s right to invoke the reporter’s privilege in Baker v. Goldman Sachs.

ASNE webinar series to focus on online pay models

Four months ago, The New York Times launched its new digital subscription plan, which generated widespread interest. Now, everyone wants to know how it’s going. Paul Smurl, VP of paid products at the Times, will discuss the plan in an ASNE webinar scheduled July 26. A week later, a panel of editors from small and mid-size newspapers that have been at the vanguard of charging readers for access to digital content will continue ASNE's summer series of webinars.

ASNE webinar: Covering Casey Anthony

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