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Victoria Advocate — ‘The only security of all is in a free press’

Victoria (Texas) Advocate
May 25, 2008

Our government works because of a marvelously constructed system of checks and balances.

Our forefathers had the vision to create the three branches of government and give each the ability to hold the other in check. We mi


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ASNE delegation meets privately with President Hugo Chávez during six-day fact-finding trip to Venezuela

An American Society of Newspaper Editors delegation spent nearly two hours in a private session with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez at Miraflores Palace during a fact-finding trip to the Latin American country.

The session occurred as the editors concluded a six-day trip to Venezuela


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Boston Globe — Pressed freedom

By Kevin Cullen
The Boston Globe
May 8, 2008

Some years ago, when Toni Locy was a reporter for this newspaper, she wrote stories documenting that some members of the Boston Police Department weren't doing their jobs very well.

The cops were furious and some


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Norman Transcript — It's time for a federal shield law

The Norman (Okla.) Transcript
May 08, 2008

State shield laws that protect journalists from being forced to name news sources have worked fairly well over the years. But despite several years of attempts, a federal shield law has failed to work its way through Congress.


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Los Angeles Times — Coverage for reporters

A federal shield law allowing journalists to protect their sources benefits the public in the long run.

Los Angeles Times
May 7, 2008

The three major candidates for president now agree that Congress should pass a law allowing reporters to prote


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Erie Times-News — Federal shield law needed immediately

Erie (Pa.) Times-News
April 01, 2008

U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton apparently doesn't care much for your right to know. Walton fined reporter Toni Locy up to $5,000 a day and ordered her to pay up to $45,000 of her own money for not disclosing anonymous sources fro


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Morning Call — Public and media need shield when feds go fishing (opinion)

Paul Carpenter
The Morning Call, Allentown, Pa.
April 6, 2008

Seventeen years ago, a Morning Call reporter covered criminal proceedings against a Perkasie man in a drug case.

Her routine journalistic duty turned into a battle that ended only a few months ag


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Rochester Democrat and Chronicle — Media shield bill under attack

Senate should resist Bush efforts to kill the media shield bill

Rochester (N.Y.) Democrat and Chronicle
April 7, 2008

Sen. Arlen Specter, author of historic but still languishing federal shield legislation, should be smart enough to realize that


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Tuscaloosa News — Mukasey, Bush wrong to oppose national shield law

The Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News
April 9, 2008

In retrospect, Michael Mukasey bobbed and weaved a little too much in his confirmation hearings for attorney general. He managed to duck key questions while convincing a majority of lawmakers that he was disgusted with the performan


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Tennessean — Anonymous source use needs a shield

The Tennessean, Nashville
May 5, 2008

It happens a lot on local TV newscasts. The reporter will say, often breathlessly, "My sources tell me that …" or "those close to the situation say …"

It occurs all too often in newspaper or wire service reporting from Washin


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