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Erie Times-News — Reporter shield law merits backing

Erie (Pa.) Times-News
Oct. 15, 2007

A federal reporter shield law is important to every American. News media sources, such as corporate whistle-blowers, alarmed government officials and concerned citizens, often request anonymity for fear of being harmed if their identities ar

News-Press — Federal shield law is needed

The News-Press, Fort Myers, Fla.
Oct. 12, 2007

The House may vote next week on a bill that would give journalists a limited privilege to protect their sources when they have promised to protect the identity of those sources.

The News-Press, like many news organizati

Denver Post — Newspaper execs speak out

The Denver Post
Oct. 11, 2007

Read the proposed federal shield law as reported by the U.S. House of Representatives' judiciary committee. Amendments are ongoing. A full House vote is expected Oct. 16.

This is what the Newspaper Association of America, a nonprofit or

Republican — Shield law for press protects democracy — Oct. 10, 2007

The Republican, Springfield, Mass.
Oct. 10, 2007

Almost immediately after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq in 2003, an estimated 200 newspapers and magazines sprouted up across the country.

The United States encouraged the editors and reporters of those p

Westport News — It's Time for a Federal Shield Law

Westport (Conn.) News
Oct. 10, 2007

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved an amended version of the Free Flow of Information Act of 2007 (S. 2035) on Thursday, Oct. 4, and it has been sent to the full Senate for consideration. The proposed bill is a federal shield law meant

List of co-sponsors for HR.2102

Co-sponsors for HR.2102, Free Flow of Information Act
Oct. 10, 2007

St. Petersburg Times — Protecting journalists protects public interest

St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times
Oct. 9, 2007

The Senate Judiciary Committee last week voted overwhelmingly for a measure that would grant journalists legal protections from being forced to disclose their sources. The bipartisan nature of the 15-to-4 vote for the Free Flow of In

Reading Eagle — Measure would help expose corruption

Reading (Pa.) Eagle
Oct. 10, 2007

The Issue: A federal shield law to protect journalists from being forced to reveal their confidential sources takes another step toward passage.

Our Opinion: This law would aid reporters in uncovering fraud and corruption.

Santa Cruz Sentinel — As We See It: Federal shield law protects public's interest

Santa Cruz (Calif.) Sentinel
Oct. 10, 2007

The movement to enact a federal shield law for journalists took a major step forward in the Senate last week, when the Judiciary Committee approved the proposed legislation.

Known as the Free Flow of Information Act, the legis

National Freedom of Speech Week Oct. 15-21

National and local groups, schools will recognize free speech and press

ASNE is again partnering in the National Freedom of Speech Week, held this year Oct. 15-­21.

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