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Detail provided by embedding invaluable, haunting

NEAR KARBALA, Iraq, March 31 -- As an unidentified four-wheel-drive vehicle came barreling toward an intersection held by troops of the Army's 3rd Infantry Division, Capt. Ronny Johnson grew increasingly alarmed.

In every war snapshot, much stays outside the frame

The litter of a fight was all around us: expended shell casings, pockmarked walls from bullets and grenades. Even though the bulk of the battle had passed us by, there were moments when a rocket-propelled grenade would explode all too near ...

It allowed us to do our jobs — bearing witness

Was there anything that we were ashamed of? A story we shouldn’t have run? Are we sorry in retrospect, that we got involved with embedding in the first place? Or did we manage to provide readers with legitimate, compelling stories ...

Like sipping soda through 500 straws

Is it a good thing to have the White House press corps embedded in Air Force One? Is it a good thing to embed reporters for months in political campaigns?