Section: Editorial writing
2009: Ken Stickney, The News-Star, Monroe, La.
A collection of editorials, including one on permits for students to carry concealed handguns on campus.
2008: Marie Dillon, Chicago Tribune
A collection of editorials including one on local librarians banning a children's book.
2007: Jane Healy, Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel
Five-part series of editorials called, "Florida's Shame," on how the laws and policies in Florida for managing growth were a sham.
2006: Mike Trimble, Denton (Texas) Record-Chronicle
The public pronouncements of the Rev. Pat Robertson have become so bizarre that responsible conservatives don't even bother to defend them anymore.
2005: David Barham, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Little Rock
Editorials about highway deaths, the South and Osama bin Laden.
2004: Mark Mahoney, The Post-Star, Glens Falls, N.Y.
He gets quickly to the point, exhibits humor when appropriate and shows a broad range. Most important, he never leaves his point-of-view or suggested remedies in doubt.
2003: Andrew Malcolm, Los Angeles Times
Editorials that are graceful, clever, evocative, humorous.
2003: David Barham, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Little Rock
Editorials that broke the rules. "David Barham wrote long, used big quotes and seemed to totally enjoy what he was doing. It worked: His editorials were compelling, had personality, impact, character...
2001: Stephen Henderson, The Sun, Baltimore
Editorials about privatizing public schools, a death penalty case filled with doubt, and a call to Baltimore residents to speak out about crime.
2000: Dianne Donovan, Chicago Tribune
Editorials about the blue moon; Ralph Ellison, author of "Invisible Man"; the closing of Houston's Astrodome; and the absurdity of criminally trying a 9-year-old.
2002: John McCormick, Chicago Tribune
Commentary on topics including Sept. 11 and the war sacrifices that would be cheapened by efforts to sell the naming rights to a renovated Soldier Field. "In a classic editorial writing style, McCorm...
1999: Bailey Thomson, Mobile (Ala.) Register
Editorials on the theme of Dixie's Broken Heart focus on Alabama's failures in environment, education and other areas in the context of a gubernatorial election and the positions of the two leading c...
1998: Michael J. Jacobs, Grand Forks (N.D.) Herald
Editorials written during the disastrous flood that destroyed the Herald's plant and offices and devastated much of the city.