Section: Diversity writing
2009: Jason Stein, Wisconsin State Journal, Madison
Stories on the impending loss of the state's five Native American languages.
2008: David Gonzalez, The New York Times
A three-part series providing a close-up look at a new wave of Pentecostalism in the city.
2007: Andrea Elliott, The New York Times
A three-part series, "An Imam in America," penetrating the inner life of a mosque in Brooklyn and its dynamic imam.
2006: Phuong Ly, The Washington Post
30 Years Later, Immigrants Shed Vietnam War's Burdens
2005: Babita Persaud, St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times
Stories about arranged marriages in modern America. The main characters include a mid-20s daughter ready for matrimony and parents hoping she will yield to rituals cast thousands of years ago....
2004: S. Lynne Walker, Copley News Service
An account of the changes in a town brought by an influx of immigrants.
2003: Jonathan Tilove, Newhouse News Service, Washington
Stories about visits to many of the more than 500 Martin Luther King Avenues in communities across America.
2002: Anne Hull, The Washington Post
A variety of stories, including the gentrification of an urban area and the post-Sept. 11 struggles of Muslims in Paterson, N.J.
2001: Stephen Magagnini, The Sacramento (Calif.) Bee
A personal examination of Sacramento's Hmong community, which has a tortured history and an uncertain future. These are stories of those struggling to assimilate while clinging to the past: a family ...
2000: Michael Dobie, Newsday
The series "Race and Sports in High School" examines how sports - some of which are still identified as "black" or "white"- can help ethnically and racially diverse players form close friendships, y...