Section: Community Service Photojournalism
2008: Mona Reeder, The Dallas Morning News
Photos depicting the various faces of poverty in Texas.
2005: Carol Guzy, The Washington Post
The life of John Thomas, a young man facing difficult life choices during a tumultuous year at Washington&apos's Ballou High School.
2004: Brian Vander Brug, Los Angeles Times
Stark and powerful photos about murder victims and those left behind.
2003: Ted Jackson, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans
An intimate face on the humanity of school testing introduced to meet federal mandates.
2002: J. Albert Diaz, The Miami Herald
Photos that illustrated the effects of urban sprawl and posed questions about its direction and solution.
2001: John Beale, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Beale won the inaugural photojournalism award for a collage of stunning images showing the importance and diversity of religious faith in the Pittsburgh area.