Membership (Archive)

AOJ merged into ASNE 2016-17. AOJ members who were current became ASNE members. Opinion Journalism services at ASNE are now open to all members: [Membership]

This page is a portal to historical information archived from the Association of Opinion Journalists (formerly National Conference of Editorial Writers, 1947-2011) which merged into ASNE in 2016-2017.

The following material is preserved from the original AOJ website as of December 2016 and should be considered historical.

 New Member Sign-ups: 

New membership applications are initiated by the automated web-server (form below here).

By applying, you affirm that you meet the qualifications for membership in the category chosen. Please fill in the Title and related blocks on the second page, using a concise phrase if your role is nontraditional.

We welcome professionals, students, academics and others in all forms of opinion journalism; we may seek more information about your role to assure accuracy in acceptance and category.

Payment is necessary for the server to notify staff or an officer to review your application.

If you cannot pay when signing up, the server will send an amount-due invoice with a link.

The web server sends automatic acknowledgments: application initiated with approval pending; invoice; payment receipt; and (after staff or leadership approval) acceptance and activation.

If upon review we cannot accept your application, we will say so and initiate a refund.

Please allow a few days for shared-time staff and volunteer officers to act.

We do not sell, rent, or abuse our electronic- or paper mailing list.

You may always query AOJ staff at the Contact address.

To leap to the top of the interactive form click here

MSW alums: 

The automaton does not yet know how to handle your application well.

Go ahead and sign up without paying; ignore the invoice; the "pending" message is an interim step. Once a humanoid administrator acts*, you will get a message that your account is active. Log in to see whether your balance is indeed zero. That is your AOJ membership, associate or active-xx as applicable. For access to the members' discussion list, there is, alas, more, partly because of how our two vendors interpret the Can-Spam law. The discussion-list page on this site will get your started. Again, it is an apply-and-get-accepted routine, without a bogus invoice (:-)

*If you do not get accepted for either list within 2 business days of applying, please email associate webmaster