About Us

The American Society of News Editors focuses on leadership development and journalism-related issues. Founded in 1922 as a nonprofit professional organization, ASNE promotes fair, principled journalism, defends and protects First Amendment rights, and fights for freedom of information and open government. Leadership, innovation, diversity and inclusion in coverage and the journalism work force, opinion journalism, news literacy and the sharing of ideas are also key ASNE initiatives.

Members can be editors, producers or directors in charge of journalistic organizations or departments; opinion journalists; deans or faculty at university journalism schools; leaders and faculty of media-related foundations and training organizations and other individuals at the board's discretion. A committee of the board of directors reviews applications for membership.

ASNE's members are individuals, and its board is elected by members. Many of ASNE's initiatives are carried out by its committees. It also operates projects coordinated by staff with advice from committees and the board.

The organization was known as the American Society of Newspaper Editors until 2009.